Exterior signage

The Motel Goes Moo is the only roadside motel that provides a sustainable living by a farm for families to enjoy their time there. The design is a combination of the fun and friendliness of a farm and the modern, simplistic, and organized aspects of a motel. We want to sound welcoming and provide comfort to the visitors.

More about The Motel Goes Moo:  Having a farm next to the motel makes it very accessible to go experience sustainable living and farm activities. Products and services (breakfast) are homemade.
Brand in use:

Website mockup

Website homepage

Website activity page

Pamphlet back cover (left) and front cover (right)

Pamphlet inside pages


Dispenser bottles designs

Mockup credits:
Dispenser bottle: https://graphicburger.com/dispenser-bottle-mockup/
Mockup psd created by http://forgraphictm.com/
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