This project was created to address one of the downsides of social mediasocial comparison.

Social media became a huge part of our life, and a lot of people use it. There are positive reasons to use social media, but there are also negative sides to using it. People could feel fear, envy, or down on themselves by comparing their life with others.
I also use social media, but I refrain from those kinds of actions. My goal is not to get intense interaction or gain thousands of likes. So, when I see people on the internet feeling down by comparing themselves to others, I wondered why. Comparing would not do anything good especially if it is making you feel bad. Also, what you could be seeing is not always real, so why compare it to something unrealistic?

This is why I wanted to address the problem, to remind people what they are looking at before they start to feel depressed or anxious from doing comparisons.​​​​​​​
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